From the recording Entire Music Library


by Shaun DeGraff

I can't remember when I last saw you smile while the midnight chill grows colder day by day.
You'd always tell me how you loved the smell of fireplaces reminding you of winters holidays.
And right before my eyes as I glare upon this paper. My pen in hand I have nothing to say.
Suddenly I realize, I'm face to face with what you mean to me.
Please, Inspiration come back to me.

You told me that you start your job today and you'll be OK and I swore I smelled your perfume through the phone.
You took the TV and the stereo but that's OK though because it hurts for me to hear our favorite songs.
And right before my eyes as I slowly play piano creating what became this melody.
Suddenly I realize I'm face to face with what you mean to me.
Please Inspiration, come back to me.

*instrumental break*

And every night I'd go to sleep feeling your hands upon my shoulders offering to you all my hopes and dreams.
But now your gone and I realize that when I close my eyes this darkness covers me.

Please inspiration, come back to me.