Slow It Down (feat. Kaylie Foster)
by Shaun DeGraff

We've got to slow it down
We've got to take our time
You get to enjoy life
This is your god damn right

Verse 1
I see my people feeling all the pressure
and sometimes it brings me down.
Unnecessary bullets and gunfire
our children lying on the ground.
Why must we have all this suffering?
What ever happened to common sense?
I get the strange feeling we can never look back

But what if time just stopped and we could live forever?
Take a deep breath, exhale and we never look back?
Maybe we've all become just a little disillusioned
Thrown into a world of confusion
There is no race if there is no time.


Verse 2
I see red skies up in California
The fire burning on the news
With all the creatures in evacuation
Homeless and look so confused
Look into our Mother Nature's eyes
When will we listen to her cries?
I get the strange feeling we can never look back

Chorus out