Modern Hits. Jazzy Twist. Vintage Experience. SDB

The Shaun DeGraff Band or SDB can be best described as "Circus Jazz". Their style is unmistakable and always entertaining while taking you on a wild ride throughout early American music history and beyond. Their performance style hearkens back to the very early years starting with the Vaudevillian Era, to the early 20th century with the beginning of Dixieland Jazz and Ragtime in New Orleans, to the sultry prohibition sounds of the Harlem nights, to the sassy and risque' Chicago barnyard blues of the depression, along with some more modern sprinkles of reggae and funk. Dave Surrat from Las Vegas Weekly magazine describes them as ".....original and popular songs served chilled with a splash of bourbon, barbecue sauce and a vanilla hookah". Currently recording their new EP "Gypsy Soul" due out September of 2017, you can catch them playing on tour in your hometown or even hire them for your next special event.
SDB. Everything new just got old again.

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